Dursey Sound, Dursey Island | Handprinted Orginal Lino Cut Print

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Dursey Sound, Dursey Island.

An abstract print of Dursey Sound the name for the short but treacherous stretch of water between the island and the mainland, the reason why the cable car was built to commute to the island.

An original handprinted lino print from ‘The Dursey Island Collection’ one of 12 prints depicting scenes of the landscape of Dursey Island, a rocky outcrop off the wild South West coast on the Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Each print will vary slightly as they have been hand printed. They are signed, titled and numbered, one of 50.

PAPER: Arches 185gsm HP deckled edged

PAPER SIZE: 11” x 7.5”

PRINT SIZE: 6” x 4”